3D BIM Modelling

3D BIM modelling can be provided across a variety of software packages at a level of detail (LOD) tailored to the project and clients’ requirements. 

Monteath & Powys are experts in the data acquisition and management to produce BIM systems on any scale, ensuring a unique and tailor-made solution to suit individual project needs.


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Building & Infrastructure Digital Twin

3D Digital Twin for efficient asset management and design within a virtual space. Data acquisition, model development & maintenance.
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Site digitisation

Digital representations of any structure or mechanical system no matter the size and complexity.
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Modelling to all levels of detail (LOD)

Tailor-made solutions with level of detail (LOD) to clients’ specifications ranging from simple block modelling to highly detailed LOD 500 models.
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As-built modelling and clash analysis

3D Survey data allows direct comparison between existing and proposed designs. Our Spatial team specialise in Clash Analysis combining real world & design data.
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3D deliverables in industry standard software

Production of 3D models in a variety of formats tailor-made to client and project requirements. Effective integration of data into design or asset management systems.