Safety & Accreditations

Quality Assurance

Monteath & Powys operate under a certified ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Environmental Management

Monteath & Powys have a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Work Health and Safety

Monteath & Powys take our work health and safety commitments very seriously and all work will be completed in accordance with our fully accredited ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System.


Quality Policy

Monteath & Powys Pty Ltd is a long established surveying, planning, project management and 3D spatial services company providing clients from both the public and private sectors with a wide range of professional surveying and planning services.

Monteath & Powys is third party accredited to ISO 9001 and undergoes annual external audits from an internationally recognised certifier in Quality Management Systems.

Our ISO 9001 compliant Integrated Management System has been designed to ensure that agreed client requirements are consistently satisfied through effective planning, uniform approaches to critical work processes and verification of compliance prior to release of projects.

 Monteath & Powys are strongly committed to establishing, implementing and maintaining documented quality objectives and targets pertaining to relevant functions and levels within the organisation.

All staff members have been involved in the development of the Integrated Management System and are committed to its continual improvement.

Newcastle Accreditations

Undertaken at our Newcastle office, our team systems are regularly audited for conformance against international standards.  Our systems are dynamic and evolve as we tailor our service offering to meet our clients needs.

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Professional Standards Scheme

Monteath & Powys is a member of the Consulting Surveyors National Professional Standards Scheme.  We encourage a culture of staff development and uphold the high professional standards required by participants of the Scheme.  Liability is limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Local Government Procurement

Monteath and Powys Pty Ltd is an approved contractor for contract
LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services


Technically Assured Organisation

Monteath & Powys is is proud to have been accredited as an
Authorised Engineering Organisation and maintains status as a Technically Assured Organisation with Transport for NSW.
To achieve this benchmark we met the rigorous requirements of the Asset Standards Authority as a safe, capable and competent supplier of specialist engineering rail survey services.