UAV Capture

Monteath & Powys have a number of UAV pilots with full CASA accreditations.  Providing 3D aerial models along with aerial photography, site inspections and progress monitoring. 

Our 3D Spatial team are specialists for UAV work in complex environments & restricted airspace, with extensive experience working with the RAAF for operations within military controlled airspace. 

Monteath & Powys UAV based photogrammetry and 3D Modelling is supported by onsite survey, ensuring the highest data quality and spatial accuracy available.


 3D-Spatial cropped-images 3DSS_UAV01-4-8-1332-799-1594619833

CASA accredited UAV operators

CASA commercial operations accredited organisation, fully trained and experienced pilots with extensive survey backgrounds.
 3D-Spatial cropped-images 3DSS_UAV02-1-9-711-427-1594619918

Aerial photography

Aerial photography using a variety of methods including UAV, helicopter and fixed wing depending on the size and location of the project.
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Industrial inspection works

Photography and video capture for industrial inspections in inaccessible or high risk areas.
 3D-Spatial cropped-images 3DSS_UAV04-516-156-665-399-1594620031

Volumetric surveys

Capture of stockpiles, excavation and earthworks to create a high resolution 3D models. Volumetric analysis with a high level of detail based on complex meshing of the irregular surface.
 3D-Spatial cropped-images 3DSS_UAV05-1-26-711-427-1594620445

Ground modelling

Aerial photography and creation of 3D models using photogrammetry allowing ground modelling and analysis, including ongoing monitoring and change detection.