Underground Utility Mapping

Monteath & Powys specialise in the compilation & maintenance of underground utility data with presentation in a spatially accurate environment.

In addition to asset owners plans and records, we utilise a number of industry partners to obtain service location through means of electronic location, ground penetrating radar and positive identification providing the data to the Australian Standard classifications under AS5488.1:2019.


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Underground utility mapping

Location of underground services with presentation in spatially accurate plans & 3D models.
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Creation of 3D service coordination models

Processing of service model information in 3D allows visualisation and design. 3D service coordination minimises construction & maintenance times.
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Site specific data standards

Custom service location & identification for site specific requirements including Defence and government authorities.
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Defence site GFIS mapping

Specialising in Defence utility mapping and outputs as per the Defence Spatial Data Management Plan.
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Sydney Trains DSS

Monteath & Powys are AEO accredited and fully aware of all ASA Standards for DSS mapping.
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Australian Standard coding and layering

Full compliance with the Australian Standard AS5488.1:2019 and creation of attributes for production in a variety of software packages.