Spatial Data Management

Monteath & Powys capture, maintain, control and manipulate large scale spatial data sets providing customised analysis and deliverables.  Our survey background and specialisation in 3D Spatial gives us a distinct advantage in the management of spatial data for our clients. 

We are experts in the integration of various data sources to develop efficient and effective data models optimised for individual project needs.


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Creation of large scale data sets

Experts in the creation of data models for infrastructure, facilities and development feasibility analysis, concept design and asset management, creating and maintaining large scale data sets.
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Incorporation of government data sets with site specific data models

Obtaining and confirming accuracies of government data and preparation of unique site specific data overlays for analysis and presentation purposes.
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Presentation of data in custom formats

Formats customised to integrate with clients software requirements and provision of data in specialist software packages.
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Asset and service modelling on large sites and land holdings

Compilation of asset and service information, storage & maintenance of data for large scale sites and facilities.
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Constraint analysis for planning

Obtaining and overlaying large scale data sets to assist in constraint analysis and mapping.
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LiDAR capture and analysis

Obtaining large scale LiDAR data sets, creation of 3D meshes, models and incorporation with site specific data.