Geographical Information Systems provide the framework to compile, store and display data in customised databases specific to clients’ needs.

With our strong background in surveying and spatial data management, Monteath & Powys provides expert development and management of highly customised GIS frameworks with a great deal of confidence in the spatial accuracy and reliability. 

Monteath & Powys can create and maintain GIS databases or create and issue to our clients for their ongoing use.


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Custom GIS solutions

Obtaining, verifying and compiling site specific data for the creation of customised GIS databases.
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Linked documents for easy access

Hyperlinking of specific documents to the subject matter. Allowing rapid document retrieval and spatial connection.
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Incorporation of customised survey data with government data sets

Verifying large scale & government data sets with survey accurate information. Capture and overlay of unique field data for individual sites. Multiscale datasets developed.
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Industry standard deliverables

Monteath & Powys' GIS experts are proficient in the use of industry standard software packages and provide custom made deliverables ensuring easy integration.