The Team

There is no Monteath & Powys without the incredible team who work each and every day to continue to build on our legacy foundation, creating a future we all can be proud of. It’s our team who guide the future of our company, our communities and clients.

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Meet the Team

Meet our dedicated and talented team

Our team is the backbone of everything we have done, are doing and will do to continue forging our reputation far into the future. Their expertise, professionalism, pride and innovative approach are what holds up the Monteath & Powys reputation.

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Robert Monteath

Executive Chairperson

Rob is a Registered Surveyor, a Registered Planner and a Strata Title and Community Title Manager. He is a leading expert in surveying, land title and land development issues, particularly strata & community title developments, and mentors many of our team. Rob revels in challenging title matters.

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Scott Bradford


Scott is the Managing Director and a Surveyor with over 25 years’ industry experience. Scott’s strength is managing the team to create an innovative and solution-based culture for the benefit of our variety of clients.  Scott's goal is to provide an inclusive company that enables team members to flourish, whilst creating a better tomorrow for our clients and community.

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Gregory Burnitt


Greg is a Director and Registered Surveyor with a wealth of land development experience.
With more than 35 years working at M&P, Greg is responsible for management of the company finances and provides the strategic guidance to ensure ongoing success.

 Team Members M_P_AndrewBaker_3112

Andrew Baker


Andrew is a Registered Surveyor with over 30 years of experience in a broad range of projects. Andrew’s proficiency in cadastral and engineering surveying and applied spatial technology has seen him work in anchor roles on industrial expansion projects & nation-building railway projects.
Andrew is currently working with ARTC on the key Inland Rail project.

 Team Members M_P_BenBelfield_2846

Ben Belfield


Ben is a Director & Registered Surveyor with over 20 years’ industry experience. Ben has significant experience in cadastral, industrial, engineering and construction surveys whilst maintaining a keen interest in spatial technology.
Ben’s primary focus as a Director is client satisfaction and delivering on quality.

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Geoffrey Rock


Geoff is a Director & Manager of Development Services, leading our Planning and Project Management teams. He has close to 30 years’ experience in the land and property development industry.
Geoff is currently Chair of the UDIA NSW Hunter Chapter and a Board member of the Committee for the Hunter.

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Matthew Richardson


Matt leads our burgeoning 3D Spatial team, which specialises in a range of high-precision 3D alignment & steel fabrication control projects, aerial surveys, photogrammetry, laser scanning & 3D modelling. Matt is also the CASA Chief Remote Pilot for Monteath & Powys.

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Jamie Graham

Project Director

Jamie is a professional & respected Project Director with extensive experience delivering a broad range of projects for both public and private sectors. Passionate about Newcastle, Jamie prides himself on his ability to develop positive stakeholder, client and contractor relationships whilst maintaining project objectives.

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Meeka Prince

Senior Planner

Meeka has worked in a variety of Planner roles, in both public and private sectors. Meeka's knowledge and experience enable her to successfully provide authoritative advice and service in a personable way for a range of clients, including developers, investors and community members.

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Itto Vukeni

Senior Planner

Itto is an experienced Town Planner who joined Monteath & Powys in 2022.  Previously, Itto had been assessing Development Applications at Gladstone Regional Council in Queensland, and worked in both public and private sectors. Itto has diverse industry expertise in town planning, property development and project management.

 Team Members M_P_ClintForrester_3246

Clint Forrester

Senior Planner

Chalking up 12 years at M&P, Clint has extensive experience within the land and property development industry including providing planning assessments for subdivisions, residential and industrial developments. Clint has successfully delivered assessments for large-scale mixed-use developments both in Newcastle & the wider Hunter region.

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Courtney Rovere

Assistant Planner

With a background in design and architecture and a Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning and Design, Courtney is ably assisting our Planning team, as she studies for her Master of Urban and Regional Planning.  Courtney undertakes preliminary research and desktop analysis, works on SoEEs and assists with submissions.

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Aaron Manderson

Senior Project Manager

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, with 15 years managing significant public and private projects in NSW.  He is experienced in rail, education and commercial project delivery and is a probity and public sector procurement and facilities management specialist.

 Team Members M_P_ChadBeecham_3053

Chad Beecham

Project Manager

Chad is a Project Manager / Superintendent with over 20 years of experience in property development. Chad has a diverse range of skills ranging from initial stakeholder management and subdivision design management through contract and construction administration to final project delivery.

 Team Members M_P_KostaFlamiatos_3072

Kosta Flamiatos

Project Manager

Kosta has over 20 years’ experience as a Civil Engineer dealing in all aspects of civil infrastructure including design, construction, and asset management. As a Project Manager at M&P Kosta has attained extensive experience in all aspects of land development.

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Kim Jolley

Project Manager

Kim is a Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the development industry. With a background in Architecture and 3D Spatial Science, Kim brings management and planning expertise on a wide range of projects, navigating through conceptual and approval stages..

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Michael Stafford

Project Manager

Michael is a Project Manager who helps in the delivery of quality projects. He has excellent interpersonal skills which make him a valued member of any team, by allowing him to form positive relationships with stakeholders, clients, consultants, and contractors.

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Peter Eedy

Project Manager

Peter is a Project Manager with more than 35 years’ experience in the building and development industry.  With a background in architecture, Peter brings his experience in coordination of design & documentation and governance of works to efficiently manage minor, major and significant projects.

 Team Members cropped-images RS-0-0-0-0-1701404718

Ryan Smith

Assistant Project Manager

With a strong background in the building industry, Ryan Smith ably assists our PM team.  He brings both practical and organisation skills to his Project Manager and contract administrator roles.  Ryan has overseen the delivery and completion of educational facilities for Hunter/Central Coast schools and the University of Newcastle.

 Team Members cropped-images SC-0-9-350-364-1694674836

Sheena Cherian

Assistant Project Manager

Sheena has a strong background in the built environment and facilities management, holding both Architectural and Construction Management degrees.  Sheena is experienced in overseeing construction activities, resource procurement, and stakeholder management, and ably provides support to the PM Team.

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 Team Members M_P_DavidWallis_2950

David Wallace

Registered Surveyor

David is a Senior Registered Surveyor with over 30 years’ experience. He has extensive knowledge and experience in large multi-stage subdivisions, stratum and strata developments, shared facilities and community title subdivisions. David also provides high accuracy metrology surveying for industrial and manufacturing clients.

 Team Members M_P_5665

Tim Raymond

Senior Surveyor

Tim is a Senior Surveyor, whose 20 years’ experience includes major infrastructure projects such as Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, Pacific Highway upgrades and Kooragang’s coal export terminals. Tim’s recent focus has been spatial data processing & management, working closely with stakeholders to establish and maintain topographic and utility infrastructure.

 Team Members M_P_DavidSullivan_3192

David Sullivan

Registered Surveyor

David is a Registered Surveyor with over 15 years’ experience. David has expertise in large scale subdivisions, easement plans, community title subdivision, and a variety of cadastral and land titling issues. David’s experience extends to the preparation of large scale cadastral models.

 Team Members cropped-images BK-0-0-350-364-1682563859

Brett Kittel

Registered Surveyor

Brett is a Registered Surveyor with over 38 years of experience.  Brett is a mainstay of the Newcastle & Hunter Surveying Industry and has expertise in large scale subdivisions, easement plans, strata developments, community title subdivision, and a variety of cadastral & complex land titling issues.

 Team Members cropped-images IRB-0-0-0-0-1683516393

Ian Boulton

Senior Surveyor / Rail Track Designer

Ian is a Senior Surveyor & Civil Engineer with over 25 years’ experience working on rail and other projects in a range of roles.  Ian's wealth of experience in major rail and road projects and digital engineering expertise provides additional design capability and project overview to the Monteath & Powys team.

 Team Members cropped-images KL-0-0-350-364-1686871563

Katherine Lindsay

Registered Surveyor / 3D Spatial Analyst

Katherine is a Registered Surveyor with experience in a wide range of surveying projects, including topographical details, cadastral surveys, photogrammetry, and conveyor alignments.  Katherine's expertise also includes strata subdivisions, and she is highly skilled in 3D laser scanning and modelling.

 Team Members cropped-images JB2-0-0-350-364-1686033094

Joshua Benn

Registered Surveyor

Josh is a Registered Surveyor with over 16 years’ experience in the surveying industry, ranging from high profile engineering projects to small scale consultancy work.  Josh has extensive experience in road and rail projects, gas turbine compressor plants, large scale cadastral projects and rapid data capture such as 3D scanning and bathymetric survey.

 Team Members cropped-images TB-5-0-350-364-1690180142

Thomas Burnitt

Registered Surveyor

Thomas is a Registered Surveyor with more than 12 years’ experience in the survey industry.  Thomas has provided survey services for a variety of projects, ranging from highway and rail projects to residential subdivisions.  He has also worked on large scale industrial and construction projects throughout NSW.

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Ben Worland

Senior Surveyor / 3D Spatial Analyst

Ben has over 30 years’ experience in surveying, primarily with construction & engineering projects. He has extensive knowledge of surveying requirements & deliverables for Australian Department of Defence SDMP and managed Monteath & Powys’ survey of the $1B RAAF Base Williamtown upgrade. Ben is a CASA Remote Pilot for Monteath & Powys.

 Team Members cropped-images LCT-0-0-0-0-1701060347

Lachlan Turner

Senior Surveyor / 3D Spatial Analyst

Lachlan is a Senior Surveyor and 3D Spatial Analyst with over ten years of experience in a wide range of surveying applications. Lachlan held a scholarship position with Monteath & Powys during University, gaining valuable experience in a wide range of construction, road, rail and cadastral projects.

 Team Members cropped-images ADS-0-0-0-0-1701060366

Anthony Stewart

Senior Surveyor / 3D Spatial Analyst

Anthony is a Senior Surveyor with over 16 years' experience in major projects, including coal loader expansions, gas export terminals and shopping centre expansions. Anthony's 3D Spatial specialisation includes metrology and laser tracking, working on large mechanical machinery such as hydro power & gas turbines.

 Team Members cropped-images TM-0-0-0-0-1701060397

Tori Murrant

GIS Analyst

Tori has in-depth knowledge of GIS technologies and spatial analysis tools. With a strong technical background, Tori brings a comprehensive understanding of spatial services data management, visualisation and analysis to benefit a wide range of projects.

 Team Members cropped-images SD-0-0-350-365-1701060491

Stephen Dunstall

3D Modeller

Stephen is a Surveyor and highly skilled 3D Modeller, with more than 15 years’ experience in surveying and geospatial fields.  Stephen is proficient in a wide range of drafting and 3D modelling software, and is focused on delivering high quality work.

 Team Members cropped-images ROM-1-0-350-364-1701060544

Ryan O’Mara

Senior Surveyor / 3D Spatial Analyst

Ryan is a Surveyor with more than 10 years’ surveying experience, and a background in road, subdivision and industrial projects.  Ryan brings his industry expertise to the 3D Spatial team, providing both onsite laser scanning services and data analysis.

 Team Members cropped-images SJT-1-0-350-364-1701060761

Scott Thomas

3D Modeller

Scott's skills in data capture and processing enable him to develop models and 3D rendered images for concept visualisation and design development. Scott provides sophisticated architectural visualisations using Lumion and Twin Motion, and utilises Revit for accurate architectural and BIM modelling.

 Team Members cropped-images KJJ-0-0-350-364-1701060855

Kieran Jackson

Surveyor / 3D Modeller

Kieran recently graduated from the University of Newcastle as a Surveyor, after 4 years in the information technology industry.  Kieran’s skills in data capture and processing enable him to accurately prepare and develop 3D models providing data manipulation & management for large scale spatial data sets.

 Team Members cropped-images DRB-0-0-0-0-1715909760

Dan Bowles

GIS Analyst

Dan has a wealth of experience in the professional consulting and publishing sectors, specialising in GIS management, spatial analysis and cartography.  Dan's diverse expertise is now being applied to mapping, planning and 3D modelling applications for a range of projects.