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Aluminium Launder Upgrade

Surveying / 3D Spatial Services

Client Information

Tomago Aluminium Company
18 Months
Tomago, NSW

3D Laser scanning

Point cloud and 3D model

As-built modelling and clash analysis


Monteath & Powys were engaged by Tomago Aluminium to provide Surveying and 3D Laser Scanning support for the design and installation of an upgraded common launder system.

Working closely with Tomago Aluminium, Monteath & Powys undertook a comprehensive 3D Laser Scanning survey of the existing site during a standard maintenance down period, we were able to scan the site including all electrical and mechanical infrastructure without any additional plant down time.

The resulting point cloud was utilised as the point of truth for the design of the upgraded design. Monteath & Powys also provided detailed 3D Clash analysis and design review ensuring any design issues could be rectified prior to installation, saving critical plant time.  

Monteath & Powys provided dimensional control and quality assurance throughout the fabrication phase of the project.

Onsite survey support was provided around the clock during the installation ensuring all components were installed to design specifications. 

The integration of Monteath & Powys Surveying and 3D Spatial services throughout the design, fabrication and installation stages of this project ensured that shutdown time was minimised and unnecessary delays avoided.