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Power Station Chute 3D Laser Scan

Surveying / 3D Spatial Services

Client Information

New South Wales Power Station

3D Laser scanning

3D modelling and clash analysis



Engenium approached Monteath and Powys to complete a 3D Laser Scan and Model. The project involved the replacement of a critical coal discharge chute with difficult access and limited time to complete the survey required.

We worked closely with Engenium to understand the full scope of works ensuring that during the limited shutdown window, we were able to scan the entire chute and surrounding infrastructure to survey quality accuracy.

Using the accurate 3D point cloud model we were now able to model the surrounding infrastructure to a Level of Detail (LOD) suitable for the design of the replacement chute within the model. This also enabled our client to run clash detection software through the model ensuring the new chute would fit first time.

The redesigned trouser leg chutes were installed without issue (clash-free) and no on-site modifications were required. The client was pleased with the outcome of the project. The power station now has safer access for maintenance and inspection of chutes, enabling many years of reliable operation into the future.