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Planning Proposals and LEP Amendments


The NSW Department of Planning and Environment issued a revised Local Environmental Plan Making Guideline in August 2023 which sets out the requirements and procedures for planning proposals and LEP amendments.

The guideline identifies the key steps in the planning proposal process and outlines the expectations needed to ensure the rezoning of land or a change to the requirements local environmental plan has strategic merit and is supported by robust planning principles, outcomes and objectives.

The preparation of a planning proposal to amend a local environmental plan, either to rezone land or to change a development standard, can be a complex and time-consuming process.  Monteath & Powys’ team has the skills and expertise to assist with the entire process of rezoning land and amending a local environmental plan – from concept and feasibility consideration through the preparation of the planning proposal document, to the finalisation and implementation of the change.  

Contact the Monteath & Powys planning team today to discuss further your planning and rezoning requirements and find out how we can assist with the process.