Topographical (Detail)

Monteath & Powys complete topographical surveys for multiple purposes ranging from small house blocks to large scale projects, forming the base model for design of any size project.  

Topographical surveys can be tailored to clients’ requirements depending on use and budget as well as being produced in a variety of formats to suit client software and data management needs.  

Monteath & Powys utilise a range of innovative techniques to provide a premium service within the clients’ budget.  Surveys include high accuracy traditional ground surveys using total station and GPS through to large scale LiDAR and aerial photography models, as well as integrated surveys combining our survey techniques to produce a solution fit for purpose.



Topographical surveys for a range of purposes to industry standards

Base surveys allowing for design to a range of industry standards and provision of survey models and DTMs enabling design.

Deliverables customised to clients' software and layers

Full range of topographical survey outputs including RMS, ARTC, Sydney Trains and other custom deliverables.
 3D-Spatial 3DSS_UAV01

Incorporation of aerial data

Incorporation of models derived from aerial photography and LiDAR, custom made and delivered to clients’ specifications.

Underground service modelling and data incorporation

Data management and incorporation of underground service models with overall topographical data sets.