Strata & Community Title Developments

Monteath & Powys are industry leaders in strata and community title projects, providing a range of services from initial draft strata plans and boundary redefinitions through to complicated mixed use developments, management plans and shared facilities advice and plans.

Robert Monteath was instrumental in building our capability in this space as a Licensed Strata and Community Title Manager and Registered Surveyor. This unique skill set has allowed Monteath & Powys to become a leading authority in strata and community title developments, with other survey staff also now specialists. 

By partnering with Monteath & Powys from project inception you can be assured of receiving the best advice, saving critical time and money at project completion.


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Draft strata plans

Creation of draft strata plans for use in sales documents.

Final strata plans

Once the building has been completed, final strata plans are created and lodged with the NSW Land Registry Services for title creation.
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Complex mixed use developments

Strategic advice, strata and stratum subdivisions along with shared facilities plans.

Shared facilities plans

Technical advice and shared facility plans setting the legal framework, particularly in mixed-use developments for maintenance and upkeep of facilities.

Community title plans

Strategic advice and creation of large scale community title plans.
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Lettable area surveys

Full understanding of PCA requirements and lettable area plans for a variety of uses.