Monteath & Powys are leaders in the creation of high accuracy monitoring systems and ongoing monitoring using our range of technologically advanced equipment and specialised software packages.  

Our experience in the industrial sector has allowed us to build robust monitoring procedures which can be adjusted to suit projects of any size. We can monitor deformation in horizontal and vertical movement with sub-millimetre accuracy and monitor structures in 3D using our high accuracy total station, levelling and/or laser scanning equipment to identify change over time. Reporting is tailored to the clients’ needs ranging from simple tabulated reports to 3D deformation plots.



Sub-millimetre monitoring surveys

Using a range of high precision instrumentation, Monteath & Powys can monitor structures to sub-millimetre accuracy.
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Mine subsidence surveys

We are experienced in both set up and ongoing mine subsidence surveys particularly for long wall extraction and the monitoring of structures within the zone of influence.
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Movement monitoring in horizontal & vertical planes

We use a range of equipment depending on accuracy and access requirements for monitoring in both horizontal and vertical planes.
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3D modelling of structures and comparisons over time

3D laser scanning or photogrammetry of structures allowing for deformation plots over time, for example, structures in hot/cold states or under strain.

Monitoring surveys to all industry standards for rail and road

Monitoring of rail and road over time, reporting on change for under bores, mine subsidence or other factors impacting on stability or dilapidation.
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Dam deformation monitoring

Monteath & Powys are able to tailor monitoring programs to detect 3D vector movement, strain, tilt & crack monitoring. Real time monitoring and alarm notification using sensors is also possible.
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Underbore monitoring

For compliance with ARTC, Sydney Trains & CRN monitoring processes.