Major Projects

Monteath & Powys specialise in large scale major projects having operated as the head survey contractor for many award winning major projects in industrial, residential and Defence sectors.  

We have the ability to provide great flexibility in on-site staff numbers along with the technical abilities, a wide range of equipment and diverse knowledge base. We can cater for any stage of the project, from concept design right through to final as-built and ongoing maintenance through our skilled and experienced team.


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Initial topographical surveys and boundary modelling

Initial surveys and production of 3D models to enable design, large scale boundary modelling for site analysis and constraint mapping.
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Land acquisitions, subdivisions and easements

Large cadastral capability catering for the most complicated cadastral matters.
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Preservation of Survey Infrastructure plans (PoSI)

Preservation of Survey Infrastructure (PoSI) ranging from large scale sites with multiple marks to single mark preservation.
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Large scale topographical modelling from aerial data for route option analysis

3D modelling of large areas utilising aerial imagery and LiDAR both captured in-house and procured from our trust partners.
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Aerial photography

Fixed wing, helicopter and UAV aerial photography options.
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As built and conformance surveys

Final as-built surveys signed by registered surveyors, reporting on any structures and boundary locations.
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High accuracy control surveys

Control networks created to all industry specifications using a range of high accuracy instrumentation and adjustment software packages.
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Underground service modelling

Compilation of underground services into a single model with ongoing maintenance of the model for use throughout the project cycle.
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Survey project management

Highly experienced survey management personnel operating in both secondment and site based models.
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Client side survey management

Provision of qualified and experienced survey staff providing survey supervision and management.