Statutory & Service Authority Approvals

Monteath & Powys has extensive professional experience with numerous statutory and service authority application and approval processes at both State and Local Government levels. Our established working relationships at all levels allow us to communicate effectively with:

  • Local and State Government planning agencies 
  • Water and sewer approval authorities 
  • Electrical and communications authorities 
  • Transport for NSW - Roads and Maritime 
  • Subsidence Advisory NSW 
  • Natural Resources Access Regulator 
  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage   and 
  • Private certifiers.


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Liaison with all Government determination authorities

Early communication of desired project outcomes from all stakeholders allows effective concept planning achieve positive project outcomes.
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State and local government approvals

Management of re-zoning & re-use, State Significant Development, State Significant Infrastructure, Joint Regional Planning Panels, SEPP 65, and DA processes.
 ProjectManagement shutterstock_1160783251 construction cert

Construction Certificate and design approvals

Close working relationships with Local and State Governments, utilities, transport authorities, and private certifiers formed through a history of successful projects.
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Alternative Titles and Strata

Extensive alternative Title and Strata scheme experience including, Torrens, Community, and Strata/ Stratum subdivision.
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Construction supervision of Hunter Water Corporation works

Accredited in-house management and supervision of HWC routine major water and gravity sewer infrastructure works to obtain Section 50 certification.
 ProjectManagement shutterstock_1008545224 water appl

Hunter Water Corporation funding applications

Comprehensive advice and management of applications for Hunter Water Corporation Funding for growth in accordance with Hunter Water’s Growth Plan.
 ProjectManagement shutterstock_14532922 road design

TfNSW (RMS) Works Authorisation Deed (WAD) applications

Liaison with TfNSW (RMS) and management of WAD application processes for new infrastructure on State roads, including coordination of consultants.
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Management of WAD construction

Supervise and manage environmental approvals, tendering of works, civil contractor engagement, contract administration & verification for project close out/asset handover.
 ProjectManagement shutterstock_652126129 groundwater

Groundwater extraction

Management of ground water environmental extraction licences, including consulting with appropriate specialists for pre-, during and post reporting requirements.