Development Application and Statements of Environmental Effects

Over our 70 years, Monteath & Powys have managed thousands of development applications and prepared hundreds of Statements of Environmental Effects (SOEE) for a large range of land uses including residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, mining, and tourism projects.


 Planning Prelodgementconsultations

Pre-lodgement consultations

Consult with Council and Government Organisations prior to lodgement of applications to confirm requirements, before finalising design and concepts for development.
 Planning StatementofEnvironmentalEffects

Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE)

Reports prepared to accompany a development application, to confirm consistency of your development with relevant planning provisions and controls.
 Planning LodgementCoordinationofdevelopment applications

Coordination and lodgement of Development Applications

Preparation of documentation required for electronic lodgement of your Development Application.
 Planning cropped-images Clause 4.6 Assessment-0-78-712-427-1602304371

Clause 4.6 Reports

Application to vary a development standard to accompany a Development Application, if a project does not comply with requirements and requires justification.
 Planning section711

Section 7.11 Assessments

Assessments of Council development contribution plans to confirm arrangements for community contributions.
 Planning PLanningAgreement

Planning agreements

Voluntary planning agreements with Council or State Government are prepared and negotiated to provide contributions to community or state infrastructure.
 Planning RPP

Regional Planning Panel representation

Prepare relevant documentation and make representation on behalf of clients to answer any queries in relation to the development.
 Planning HunterStreetNewcastle

SEPP 65 Assessment Panel representation

With regards residential apartment developments, prepare relevant documents and represent clients with presentations to the Panel.
 Planning LandandEnvironmentCourt

Land and Environment Court submissions & representation

Prepare evidence and make representation to the Commissioner of the Land and Environment Court as required as an expert witness.
 Planning M_P_5272

Planning submissions

Preparation of planning submissions on behalf of clients in relation to development applications, planning proposals or new policy on exhibition.
 Planning HazardAssessment

SEPP 33 Assessments

Preliminary Hazard Assessments prepared to confirm if further investigation is required.
 Planning wasteMangement

Waste Management Plans

Preparation of Waste Management Plans in accordance with the current guidelines to accompany a development application.