High Precision Metrology (Industrial Measurement)

Monteath & Powys are industry leaders in high precision metrology achieving sub-millimetre results on a range of complicated projects and structures.  Projects range from precise alignment surveys, check surveys on precise machinery and monitoring of objects and structures with sub-millimetre accuracy.

Monteath & Powys can provide onsite metrology support for all stages of a project including design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. 

Our team also specialise in large scale dimension control for fabrication projects such as steel bridges, oil rigs, transfer chutes and large vessels.


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Sub-millimetre metrology surveys

High precision surveys using a variety of high accuracy metrology grade instrumentation.
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Sub-millimetre laser scanning

Use of hand-held laser scanning devices to create point clouds & 3D models with sub-millimetre relative accuracy.
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High accuracy movement monitoring

High precision monitoring with sub-millimetre relative accuracy for detection and monitoring of machine and plant movement.
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Precise alignment surveys

Alignment of machined components with a high confidence in sub-millimetre results.