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Cooks Hill Surf Life Saving Club

Surveying / 3D Spatial Services

Client Information

C W Henstock and Associates
Cooks Hill SLSC, Bar Beach


3D Laser Scanning

3D Modelling

Underground Utility Location


A significant redevelopment was carried out in 2016 to create accessible beach access with ramps from Memorial Drive to the beach itself along with upgraded change rooms and a new patrol room.  With recent storm damage the City of Newcastle engaged our client to design rectification and additional access points.

Monteath & Powys’ scope of work was to complete a full 3D survey with underground utility location throughout the site.  Given the complexity of the sloping site with many improvements, the most efficient method was to complete a full 3D laser scan with a Scan to CAD deliverable produced from the point cloud information.  By completing the task using 3D Laser Scanning, we reduce the time required on site and produce a far superior product, capturing all visible information to survey accuracy.  Underground services were traced to Quality Level B and incorporated into the overall survey model.

Once the site works were completed, the Monteath & Powys 3D Spatial team create the 3D model of the entire site with an accuracy of +/-5mm.  A Scan to CAD deliverable was then producing providing a traditional CAD and PDF output usable by all users.  As an additional product a Pointerra model was produced providing the 3D data as a simplified weblink including all scan information and 3D imagery in a format similar to Google Street view. This allows the user to inspect and navigate the site remotely providing far greater clarity than traditional survey methods.