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Charing Cross

Surveying / 3D Spatial Services

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Charing Cross, Waverley

3D Laser Scanning

Detail survey

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3D deliverables in industry standard software


As part of Waverley Council's Streetscape Upgrade project, Monteath & Powys were engaged to create a 3D model of the existing street layout for design.

Given the large volume of traffic using the Charing Cross intersection, we proposed the use of Laser Scanning and 3D modelling to remove the requirement for access to the road surface and minimise our impact to pedestrians.

Monteath & Powys were able to install accurate survey control and scan the entire scope area within three days on site. The 3D model was then used to extract all required features from building line to building line providing our client with a usable solution in both traditional CAD and 3D formats.

Underground service location was also completed and inserted into the model to allow for design of all works requiring excavation. Cadastral boundaries were calculated and overlaid providing our client with a complete, usable solution in a difficult area with minimal impact to all road users.